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The Mystery of Holy Night

This is a two act play about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and how he spent Christmas in a prison cell awaiting his execution for being found a Nazi traitor. Christmas songs are sung by the audience, and original scores that are sung by the cast members.

Honorary Lighthouse Keepers Wanted

Here I have a completely unsolicited review from which I quote:

This is a great look inside one of America's stormiest (and loneliest) lighthouses, from the perspective of an insider. Plain, down to earth language, and nuances only a real lightkeeper could summon up. If you're into lighthouses, you're missing a bet if you don't have this book in your collection.

A Symphony of Color

And here is forty-plus years of hands on, field experience on how to grow pretty things in a homeowner's landscape. If you like plants and growing things around your home, then yes, this is a must have for the homeowner or enthusiast.


The old, old story. A story like no other. A story full of interesting characters, great action and timeless truths.

The old, old story.
And what a story it is:

A woman’s heartfelt devotion in the face of pain and ridicule begins the tale. Her devotion quickly morphs into an intricate plot involving corrupt priests, true prophets and battling armies; finding kings and losing kings; and what really happens to the Ark of the Covenant which appears on the front cover. 

There are all kinds of plagues and dueling Deities; and some golden hemorrhoids(?!) make an appearance; giants and men (read this one for the first time); narrow escapes; the love of brotherhood; people called up from the dead; and the list goes on. All topped off with a familiar king-to-be finding his way in amongst life’s many difficulties.

 So take a moment and lose the preconceived ideas and scholarly distractions; find a comfortable chair, cozy in and enjoy an old, old story that remains forever new. 

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